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Secrets: Personal Wig Fitting

Whatever The reason For your hair Loss, Put The Smile Of Confidence Back on Your face with Style, Quality and Comfort.

Secrets is a discreet personal service operating in Derry and Donegal.
We can also offer a mobile service to those who can’t travel through illness but a visit to my showroom in Derry is highly recommended together with your friends.

All Secrets wigs are sourced from manufacturers of the highest quality available. The medical wigs include Monofilament, Lace Fronting and both Acrylic and the highest quality Human Hair.

If you need a wig because of a hair loss problem resulting from chemotherapy, alopecia or other traumatic events, Secrets have specially made wigs for sensitive scalps.

Secrets, has a vast array of choices for the client who has male pattern bald patches or just bad hair. Why not check out how we can help you as we have many happy clients to date who have been fitted with clip in top pieces.

Of course, there is also a whole new generation that is getting into wigs and temporary hair extensions – or people who just want to have fun! Our wigs are the ultimate accessory – never have a ‘Bad Hair’ day again! Choose a style to suit the occasion or just for fun. Maybe you just want to experiment as a blonde, brunette or redhead? Perhaps you just want to see a long or short style? Or maybe you just want to look good in a hurry?

To book a free consultation with Geraldine, our wig, hairpiece and toupee expert, get in contact with Secrets today.

Geraldine’s Story

Losing your hair is a traumatic event for men or women but for a woman it attacks the very core of your femininity. Ask any woman how much a ‘bad hair day’ affects them and you won’t even scratch the surface of how it feels to have no hair. However, after going through all the fears of somebody knowing about my hair loss, I decided that Alopecia was not going to rule or ruin my life. I shaved off the remaining hair and thereof I no longer had the negative nightly experience of running my fingers through my hair to see how much hair I was losing at a time. Instead, I felt like I had taken control of Alopecia before it took control of me.

I made a lot of the classic mistakes of getting my first wigs; rushing into buying a style rather than researching what would suit me; not having someone with me who could say ‘Forget it Geraldine… it is not you!’ thinking that if I patted it down enough it would look more like my own hair; worrying about what people would think and panicking if somebody admired my hair because that meant they knew; and finally, the......wind….. every wig wearer worries about the wind!.

I spent nearly a year researching wigs and hair alternative products and as a result have an extensive personal supply of hats, scarves and wigs. It was then that I decided that I had a vast array of experience that I could share with other people, people who would be starting out where I was eighteen months earlier, who don’t know where to turn when this type of trauma hits them, hence the birth of Secrets, a Personal Wig Fitting Service that has been operating for over a decade.

Wig Fitting

We provide clients with a free, no obligation 1 Hour consultation where individuals can experiment with different wigs; and explain the unique circumtances surrounding their hair loss.
Our wig expert is able to make recommendations and suggestions on the best wig for the unique circumstances of the client.
We always have a large number of wigs in stock but – upon request – can order a specific colour or style.
Our range includes:

  • Topper Piece Wigs

  • Full Wigs

  • Partial Wigs

  • Quarter Wigs

  • Variety Of Colours

  • Variety Of Textures

  • Real Human Hair Wigs

  • Synthetic Wigs

We provide direct wig sales and professional wig fitting.
We also create custom moulds of a client’s scalp to create perfect fittings.

For more information on our professional wig fitting service, get in contact with Secrets today

Hair Piece

We provide clients with a range of hair pieces and partial wigs. These hair piece solutions are designed for individuals with partial hair loss or bald spots.
Our hairpieces are easily fitted and when carefully chosen and professionally fitted, are completely indistinguishable from the client's natural hair.


We offer clients:

  • Stock Toupees

  • Personalised Toupees

We can measure clients for custom designed toupees.
We use modern adhesive technology that is safe for use on the skin while securely fastening the toupee.
All our fitting and sales service come with a comprehensive after sales service; where a full toupee cleaning and refitting is available.

For more information on our stock of personalised toupees, get in contact with Secrets today.

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